Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reader's Notebooks!!

How many bloggers use reader's notebooks??
Student Book Boxes
I love them in my class and I am looking for some new ideas to spice them up a little.

Inside are 3 sections:

My Reading Life
- This section is about kids as readers and about their reading life. It also incorporates their favorites such as genres and books.

What I'm Learning
- I've used this part for smaller anchor charts. I leave this as a resource place for them once the charts come off the walls :). Students refer to this when they independent reading. 

Reading Work
 - We use this together as well as independent. What we do is on the right and they apply it on the left.

*I have recently begun incorporating reader's responses into reading.. im just BLOWN AWAY that I am just doing these. :-/

We started as a whole group modeling and then we will be trying it independently within the next week.

:) so excited!!

I'm linking up with Jivey!! Let me know some things you do with your notebooks in your classrooms!