Sunday, May 19, 2013

Guided Reading! and Regular Reading! lol

Okay, so I know that the year is ending and NO ONE wants to think about next year's guided reading groups; because while they are a treat, they are a lot of work to do them RIGHT. One thing I want to do here is share what I have been doing and see if I can get some tips from some others on how I can "tweak" some things for next year. 

I truly LOVE to guided read, although it is work. In the end when I see them growing as readers it makes all the work worth it.

Fountas and Pinnell are my guided reading guru's!! In my mind they pioneered guided reading! haha.. :) Two books that I LOVE and use always are Guided Reading: Good First Teaching for All and Guiding Readers and Writers. I will admit that these are the BEST for the lower grades (K-2), however even in 3rd I have learned not everyone comes to you reading where they should. So in the older grades 3-6, we go "back to the basics" and these books help get us there.


I currently keep everything that I need for guided reading in a binder. I have it tabbed for convenience on finding kiddos and a section for my lesson plans. I found a lesson plan format online a couple of years ago, and I fell in love with it. I love that it helps me stay focused, although sometimes we have to repeat a skill if were not grasping it. :-/

For the lesson plan format, email me at 
(I have tried to post it, and it's not letting me.) :(

Download Comprehension Prompting Cards
Download Fluency Prompting Cards
Download Vocabulary Prompting Cards

Question: How many books do you typically go through in one week of reading? Do you use the leveled readers, or a textbook?

Question: How do you use chapter books in guided reading? In older grades, I know many kids don't do the same level of guided reading as the younger kids. I really want to use chapter books and use them WELL! :) Would love some hints from the super stars out there!

Question: My personal belief is that we should use REAL books in classrooms to teach and reinforce skills. I think the text books are a great supplement. This year I moved the text book to the station area and used it for that purpose. I used REAL books for my lessons in reading and language arts/writing. How is your weekly reading program put together? Do you teach out of a text book? Do you use mentor texts and everyday library stories?

Growing Readers is an AWESOME tool for teaching reading and breaking things down for kids. I love how the small excerpts give kids a chance to focus on that one skill. I use this book in class, but I also use this in small grouping when I group based on "skill need".

I love the "Just Right Book" lesson. Do other schools use this? I love it because I don't always trust some reading tests. I know that when a student can read a book with only 1 or 2 fingers, I know they are being challenged and the book is "just right." I also LOVE that they can take this skill anywhere and use it. 
(Barnes and noble, library, etc.)

I'm excited to learn some new things about reading!! Once the school year ends, our relaxation and preparation season begins! :)

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