Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Made It!!

Linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for my 1st Monday Made It!
Tried something different! I am for the first time sharing something I made. These are 2 name signs that I made. I was trying this out for the first time. Made a name sign for my FAVORITE teaching Aunt and my Momma!! :)

* Reflective comment: The next time I would make the letters a white color on the blue background because the black blends in to well.

Mrs. Milam                   Mrs. Love

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Forgive my super delay.. summer vacation is a lot busier than I planned, however I am now onto the next chapter.  love this book and it is opening my eyes to new angles of thinking. 

"Language plays a key role in the human learning process"- Laney Sammons

Chapter 2 discusses the importance of building academic vocabulary. Often times vocabulary is isolated to reading instruction, however students need that "break down" of language in math instruction as well. 

I really loved when she went in depth and began to speak about how important it is of ELL's to have the break down of language. It is true that students who do not have any background knowledge on a topic can interpret things the wrong way, such as "foot" and "yard."

Side note: Throughout this chapter what really "stuck" with me was the connection of words to ELL students. This really is an important concept for me because we have a high spanish population and I LOVE my ESL kiddos. So whether they have exited the program or not I love these techniques because they really help me keep my language learners in my "front view." Learning 2 languages is difficult and we can't forget about them. :)

As an educator, it's unfortunate that I still seestudents copying definitions from a dictionary, and as a younger generation, my college campus has proven this tactic unproductive. (If done in isolation) Beginning on page 50, it explains this nicely under 8 categories. It tells you what is not effective and why, and then explains a way for students to express their knowledge in an effective way.

One thing that I often run into a as a math and a reading teacher is which words do we focus on for student success? Do we teach them ALL "just in case" or do we focus on a specific group or kind of word? According to Laney Sammons we should:

1. Focus on words that are already in the students' oral vocabularies, which they need to recognize in print. 
  • After teaching a STAAR grade level for 3 years, I have learned that students have to KNOW words through reading and speaking. They should know these words because they are developmentally appropriate however they also need to know them for they may see these words on their state assessment. If we only talk about these words and the students have knowledge of reading it on their own, we run into tight situations when it comes to kids being able to read them and understand them alone.
2. Words that are not in student's oral vocabularies, but that are labels for concepts already familiar to students.
  • 3 of the examples that are given are quantity, comparison, and exact. Personally speaking, I know for a fact that I use these words all the time and we do research and discuss the meanings however, it brings a good point up, that if these are not explicitly taught, the meaning behind it will not be as strong as it can be without teaching it. Kids will be confused and not understand. 
3. Words not in student's oral vocabulary that refer to new concepts.

  • THESE ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT WORDS. These are words that they see most often only in the math classroom and environment.  However these words can hold a different meaning outside the classroom and confuse kids. This is a HUGE range of words that can cause the most difficulty with our ELL and ESL learners.

What vocabulary strategies do you use in your classroom? 

One thing I love to do with vocabulary is to use foldables to show examples of what the word "is".. what it "is not" and then a picture. I love this because it truly makes them think about the meaning and the non- meaning (Similar to the Frayer Model). 

Another game is similar to "headbandz", where you give the person clues to solve the words. This game can be fun when there is a long amount of time to play, however it is fun.

Fact Families for Tactile Learners

I created an early elementary fact family board for tactile learners. I made small baggies of numbers 0-15 and this can be used in a guided instruction activity where students could pair up and locate the facts related to the family! 

Each number has velcro so it can be put on and pulled off the board's velcro. 

_ poster board
- Printer
- Cardstock

I had fun making this!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Using Twitter to Communicate

What methods of parent/teacher communication do you use?

At the beginning of last year, I tried to use Twitter in order to reach parents through a trending site. I believe its safe to say, it didn't "catch on". I began tweeting myself, and then I slowly stopped when I noticed there was no one there. (Kinda like when you realize no one is following you.. lol.. yea) 

The purpose of using Twitter, was to reach the families that may not have a computer, however; they may have a smartphone.  A way to update parents in 50 characters or less and give them a "PEEK" into our classroom because there was not a lot of parents in our building seeing us learn. It was a modern way to "highlight" good things happening.

I am now thinking of another way to communicate better with parents this year. While I am moving to another campus, this may be a chance to try Twitter again, however I would LOVE to know what others do to REACH parents and SHARE what we do.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

11 hours left on the book giveaway!


 The Best Books Bonanza book giveaway is ending soon. Head on over and enter to win!  2 people will win a book for their classroom library! :)

11 hours left!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dawning of an Era, Turning of a Page

As the news comes to me I am so thankful to be able to share it with you all!! Next year, I will be beginning a new year at another GREAT school! I have been so blessed with an amazing administrative staff and the BEST partner one could ask for the last 3 years, however I am now going to be going back to my home school district to teach 2nd grade!!

3rd grade has been a great roller coaster ride, that I am thankful to have been able to enjoy and learn from, however 2nd grade is a dream of mine, and I am eager to begin my new school year!!

Thankful that God lets us try new things, and sometimes he lets us reset and begin again sometimes in a new place. I am thankful for this opportunity and truly blessed.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Organize Me Linky!!

Let's Get Organized Together!!

So I am really excited about my 1st linky!! One thing that inspired me to do this was the MESS I couldn't contain in my classroom or my home! As I blogged some these past few weeks, I have seen some AWESOME craft ideas. I would love for us to share these so that everyone can get organized. If you made something and are selling it on TPT make sure to list that too!! I LOVE good ideas,.. and it's even better when I can see it worked!

The three things I have done thus far, is my teacher toolbox for school, my crayons, and my nail polish for home. 2 major things that need straightening! :) I placed my desk items in a 22 compartment toolbox (Home Depot). I then added my nail polish collection into a glass candy jar. (Target) In order to save crayons, and not toss out my old ones, I put the broken crayons in a tray and baked them for 12 minutes. (Hobby Lobby)

Link Up and join us!! :) We Will be running this linky all summer so if someone else finds new ideas as they go please link up so,we can have 1 spot to retrieve these brilliant ideas everyone has! 
(Feel free to link up several ideas)

Ya'll are AWESOME! Thank you for participating!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Organize Me!

Looking at organizational ideas for next year, help me out if you find something new by sharing it! :)

I know these toolboxes have been posted so many times, however this is one thing I have wanted to do all year.. soooo here it is! (Fonts by Khrys)

Help a teacher out and share your tips!Please!! Lol..

By the way dont forget to enter into my book giveaway, 2 people are going to win books!:)


Pencils, Books,and Dirty Looks

Pencils, Books ,and Dirty Looks is having a giveaway!!! They are giving away a $50 gift card!! Check it out!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Best Books Bonanza and Giveaway!

WOW!! Okay.. so I today I went to this AMAZING book workshop, for anyone who uses mentor texts, is a librarian, or in love with Children's Literature. This is a blog for you! I am going to do my best to SQUISH an entire 6 hour workshop into this page without being too lengthy, so if you have questions you can definitely ask me!!

Our presenter was a librarian from Galena Park ISD (near by Houston, Texas). She was a PHENOMENAL "bookie" so I hope to do the explanations justice. Over the course of one day of class she reviewed and opened our eyes to 145 books!! WOW! (So my ADHD kicked in somewhere around 88. lol!) Attached are the pictures of my notes. I tried to enlarge them large enough in order to be seen, I apologize in advance for the horrible quality, I could only enlarge them so much. :( - comment for more information!!

After going through this workshop.. what I decided to do was to organize the books based on my top 20 books (in no particular order). Keep in mind, that this was AMAZING!! Out of 145 books, I will be purchasing maybe 120 in the near future. They are GREAT children's reads!

My Favorite Book: The Boy Who Cried Alien by: Marilyn Singer
*Reason: I LOVE Rewrites, especially books that have humor!

My LEAST Favorite Book: Zombie Makers by: Rebecca L. Johnson
* Reason: While this book may be great for some, I felt as though it did not "grab" my attention, and zombies are not my "forte."

Love's TOP 20 Books!
(Keep in mind these are in no particular order)

  1. Unspoken : A story from the underground Railroad by: Henry Cole  (I enjoy that his book is wordless those are the BEST for predicting and Inferring)
  2. Hippospotamus by: Jeanne Willis (Humorous and Cute book about a hippo with a "SPOT")
  3. Senorita Gordita by: Helen Ketteman (A Fairy tale about a gingerbread girl who believes she is "Spanish" - reminds me of Skippy Jon Jones type book)
  4. I Like Old Clothes by: Mary Ann Hoberman (I like it because it talks about kids with older clothes and "hand- me- downs". You can also do a character building clothing drive with it. Similar to 10o dresses)
  5. Each Kindness by: Jacqueline Woodson (Character Building on bullying, and teaches about apologies and the power it has)
  6. Happy by: Mies Van Hout ( Character building on emotions - great for counselors)
  7. Remembering the Titanic by: Frieda Wishinsky ( A rookie reader - I love the titanic story)
  8. Ocean and Sea by: Steve Parker ( Pictures are amazing, and very descriptive)
  9. The Monster who Lost His Mean by: Tiffany Strelitz Haber (Acrostic poem that has a cute story line with it.)
  10. The Three Ninja Pigs by: Corey Rosen Schwartz (A brilliant rewrite of The 3 Pigs. Japanese Setting and they are ninjas)
  11. Monster Mash by: David Catrow (Written similar to the Monster Mash Song, this book is great for Halloween)
  12. The Lonely Book by: Kate Bernheimer (A Cute story about a book that is forgotten and then lost, to be found again. Really makes kids think about books that haven't been read in a while)
  13. Helen's Big Words: The Life of Helen Keller by: Doreen Rappaport (A story about Helen Keller, it includes a braille part on the title page. I love Helen Keller and what she overcame amazes me.)
  14. Wumbers by: Amy Krouse Rosenthal (A GT book all the way! Great book for numbers and uses the numbers in words. I love that! It can seem like slang, but it takes some higher order to skills to solve the phrases, especially as they get harder.)
  15. A Dollar, A Penny, How Much and How Many? by: Brian P. Cleary (Great money book, really breaks down information)
  16. Edgar Allan Poe's Pie by: J. Patrick Lewis (Although Poe can be dark, this book is challenging. There are word problems inside of poems and that is AWESOME! If a kid can dissect the word problem out of a poem that is some strength in both math and reading.)
  17. The President's Stuck in the Bathtub by: Susan Katz (Funny book with poems. Talks about all past presidents)
  18. Vampirina Ballerina by: Anne Marie Pace (Character book on determination. Huge topic in higher grades.)
  19. Forget - Me- Nots: poems to Learn by Heart by: Mary Ann Hoberman (Poetry!! - offers poems to kids, that are small enough to memorize. I believe memorizing can be good for brain development. So maybe one every once in a while! Great Stuff!)
  20. Bear Has a Story to Tell by: Philip C. Stead (Great book for writing and pairing with science and learning about bears and hibernation.)

Enter at the bottom for a chance to win!!

Enter Here to Win 1 of these books! There will be 2 winners!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bringing my Crayons back to Life!

Crayon Rehab

Sooo.. I don't know about you, but this year my kiddos really "man handled" the crayons. As I was cleaning up my classroom, I couldn't help but think "what to do" with all the broken crayons, so I did some pinning and found some ideas.

I haven't done much off of Pinterest however, this worked out so well that I wanted to share!

I melted crayons into this adorable mold that I got from Hobby Lobby ($6.99 after 40%off coupon on app). I then, went home and tore off the labels of my broken crayons. (Lesson Learned: Next time ill draft some children fingers to help.. lol)

 I did enjoy the outcome! :) It's a great, EASY project that helps the environment, because I am not wasting crayons from last year!

* Place enough crayon pieces in each container. (Try to fill to the top, because they will get smaller as the wax melts.)
* Pre- heat oven to 275 degrees.
* Bake crayons for about 10-12 minutes (Or until melted)
* Place in a cool place to solidify (freezer, or refrigerator)

By the way.. this may be totally "mental" however it excited me to think that the heat from the oven would kill the germs! :) YAY!

Sharing it in hopes others find this useful while were all cleaning out getting ready for a fresh start!

Look out for a new post from a workshop I attended today, as well as my Chapter 1 discussion piece, coming SOON!! :)

Thank you all for reading! Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Friday, June 7, 2013

1st Workshop of the SUMMER!

So I had my first workshop of the summer today.. not sure if this was a great day to have it (Friday), however; it was worth my while!! I got some fun Ideas out of it and that makes it all worth it!!

One thing I took away from today was the activity that she used with Multiplication. She used dot cards in order to build the conceptual knowledge about the groups within a multiplication problem. I LOVE that she didn't say to memorize them, bc I don't think that is the only "way to go." (Although it works, I consider that a last resort)

So what she did was use the dot stickers on cards, however they seem sooo expensive, and for us "Average" income folks, I thought it would be better to type this, and then we can print this out when needed on card stock or tag board so it lasts longer and looks more fun!
Example of 4 x 5 using the dot cards with stickers.
(4 groups of 5 equals 20)
Check it out! Let me know what you think about dot cards. I want your feedback. I love the idea that students should be able to SEE the reason why multiplication works, however; I want to know what you think. Any special tips on teaching multiplication SHARE That too!!

Click the picture below to grab this paper copy off my TPT page for FREE!

The goal is to be able to show equations up to 12 x 12. So you will need to print 12 copies of whichever design you choose in order to manipulate the cards.

It was a great Friday! YAY!!! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Instagram just got some Love

So im now new to instagram!! Just joined! 

Anyone else on Instagram?!? If so follow me(loven3rdgrade or Kelli Love)... I have tried to find many people however I think the names may be different!!

Thanks! Im excited to be apart of the instagram fam!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


2012-2013 Complete!!

We're "Harlem Shaking" our way into a GREAT summer!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What a Year!!!

Fun with Mr. G!
Wow! I can't believe this school year has come to a close!! So many good memories that have been made this year, my first intern, our first EVER field trip in the history of San Leon, working with an AMAZING partner of mine Teaching With Mr. G, and building relationships with a new bunch... lol it feels like just yesterday my kiddos were walking in, crying and sad because summer was over.... and today they left crying because the year was over. It's crazy how you can impact someone in such a short time. (And vise versa) <3

Only 1/2 a day left of school tomorrow!! By 1 pm tomorrow the busses will pull off and poppers will pop!! I'm excited for summer but I will miss my babies sooo much!! :( Building relationships with kids and then leaving them is difficult EVERY TIME.

{Deep breath} :)

Okay... soo..  on a lighter note, school is almost out... (1/2 a day remaining) YAY!.. and I WON the book raffle with Thinking of Teaching. I am sooo thankful!! What an awesome event this will be! If you haven't linked up yet, please do. Grab your copy of Building Mathematical Comprehension and get ready! I'm always excited to find something new to do in my lessons and I do believe this book is only going to make my teaching deeper and more meaningful for my kiddos!

Click Here for the Book Study Schedule!

Good luck to all my fellow teachers having End of the Year parties tomorrow!! We made it!!

- Kelli 

Monday, June 3, 2013

3rd Grade Arcade Day!

Let the Games Begin!

What an awesome day of game play!! After watching an inspiring video about a 3rd grade boy named Caine (video below) and 9 weeks of studying inventors, our 3rd grade kiddos became their own inventors of an arcade game. This was so much fun!  Over the past couple of weeks, the students brought in their empty boxes and other plastics and goods so we could use them to create games. The students then were able to cut holes in the boxes and add different pieces to make whatever game they chose!

Grade levels of students came by to play our games.  In order to enter with UNLIMITED play the students had to have their decorated Fun Pass!
What fun we had today!! 

Here are some of the examples of the kids' games!

Wack - A- Muppet
Basketball Shoot
Spaceship Toss
Skee Ball

1.5 Days left til Summer Vacation!

To learn more about Caine and what your 9 year old can do watch this inspiring video!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Currently June! School is almost out!

I'm so excited to join in the "Currently" Linky with Oh' Boy 4th Grade! This page really reflects things that I have been doing and thinking about. Woke up SUPER early thanks to the rain out my window. :-p  I am loving that school is almost out.. say it with me 2.5 more days!! YES!!! We made it! :) I am ready for a fresh start in the fall. Can't wait to get ideas and things together!
I'm thinking about moving classrooms, cleaning up my apartment, and getting to church on time. :) I meant to clean yesterday, but It was sooo beautiful that I spent my time by the water instead! I love living near water!
James Avery jewelry rocks my socks!! I have been wanting this ring for a while now, and I will be getting it soon. Can't wait!
Writing down my vacay essentials made me really excited that I only have 2.5 more days!! Can't wait to be reading on my iPad as I travel this summer. So blessed to be planning trips with my girls this summer! Cant wait!! :)

One thing that didn't fit on this list, was that I also need to order my Erin Condren planner! I love her planners and teacher plan book combo, it was awesome this year and it's going to be great for next year! <3 it!! (Below is a picture from the Erin Condren website)

Have a Happy Sunday everyone!! :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013


It's Book Study Time!!

 So I am super excited to start the first book study of the summer with Primary Inspired. This book study is based on applying math skills to literacy strategies. I am so excited. I went to Barnes and grabbed my book just recently and I can't wait to dive into it with every one!!

Grab a copy of this book today, it has some great insight.

Hurry and join us! This is going to be great!! 
Book study begins June 8th!!