Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Best Books Bonanza and Giveaway!

WOW!! Okay.. so I today I went to this AMAZING book workshop, for anyone who uses mentor texts, is a librarian, or in love with Children's Literature. This is a blog for you! I am going to do my best to SQUISH an entire 6 hour workshop into this page without being too lengthy, so if you have questions you can definitely ask me!!

Our presenter was a librarian from Galena Park ISD (near by Houston, Texas). She was a PHENOMENAL "bookie" so I hope to do the explanations justice. Over the course of one day of class she reviewed and opened our eyes to 145 books!! WOW! (So my ADHD kicked in somewhere around 88. lol!) Attached are the pictures of my notes. I tried to enlarge them large enough in order to be seen, I apologize in advance for the horrible quality, I could only enlarge them so much. :( - comment for more information!!

After going through this workshop.. what I decided to do was to organize the books based on my top 20 books (in no particular order). Keep in mind, that this was AMAZING!! Out of 145 books, I will be purchasing maybe 120 in the near future. They are GREAT children's reads!

My Favorite Book: The Boy Who Cried Alien by: Marilyn Singer
*Reason: I LOVE Rewrites, especially books that have humor!

My LEAST Favorite Book: Zombie Makers by: Rebecca L. Johnson
* Reason: While this book may be great for some, I felt as though it did not "grab" my attention, and zombies are not my "forte."

Love's TOP 20 Books!
(Keep in mind these are in no particular order)

  1. Unspoken : A story from the underground Railroad by: Henry Cole  (I enjoy that his book is wordless those are the BEST for predicting and Inferring)
  2. Hippospotamus by: Jeanne Willis (Humorous and Cute book about a hippo with a "SPOT")
  3. Senorita Gordita by: Helen Ketteman (A Fairy tale about a gingerbread girl who believes she is "Spanish" - reminds me of Skippy Jon Jones type book)
  4. I Like Old Clothes by: Mary Ann Hoberman (I like it because it talks about kids with older clothes and "hand- me- downs". You can also do a character building clothing drive with it. Similar to 10o dresses)
  5. Each Kindness by: Jacqueline Woodson (Character Building on bullying, and teaches about apologies and the power it has)
  6. Happy by: Mies Van Hout ( Character building on emotions - great for counselors)
  7. Remembering the Titanic by: Frieda Wishinsky ( A rookie reader - I love the titanic story)
  8. Ocean and Sea by: Steve Parker ( Pictures are amazing, and very descriptive)
  9. The Monster who Lost His Mean by: Tiffany Strelitz Haber (Acrostic poem that has a cute story line with it.)
  10. The Three Ninja Pigs by: Corey Rosen Schwartz (A brilliant rewrite of The 3 Pigs. Japanese Setting and they are ninjas)
  11. Monster Mash by: David Catrow (Written similar to the Monster Mash Song, this book is great for Halloween)
  12. The Lonely Book by: Kate Bernheimer (A Cute story about a book that is forgotten and then lost, to be found again. Really makes kids think about books that haven't been read in a while)
  13. Helen's Big Words: The Life of Helen Keller by: Doreen Rappaport (A story about Helen Keller, it includes a braille part on the title page. I love Helen Keller and what she overcame amazes me.)
  14. Wumbers by: Amy Krouse Rosenthal (A GT book all the way! Great book for numbers and uses the numbers in words. I love that! It can seem like slang, but it takes some higher order to skills to solve the phrases, especially as they get harder.)
  15. A Dollar, A Penny, How Much and How Many? by: Brian P. Cleary (Great money book, really breaks down information)
  16. Edgar Allan Poe's Pie by: J. Patrick Lewis (Although Poe can be dark, this book is challenging. There are word problems inside of poems and that is AWESOME! If a kid can dissect the word problem out of a poem that is some strength in both math and reading.)
  17. The President's Stuck in the Bathtub by: Susan Katz (Funny book with poems. Talks about all past presidents)
  18. Vampirina Ballerina by: Anne Marie Pace (Character book on determination. Huge topic in higher grades.)
  19. Forget - Me- Nots: poems to Learn by Heart by: Mary Ann Hoberman (Poetry!! - offers poems to kids, that are small enough to memorize. I believe memorizing can be good for brain development. So maybe one every once in a while! Great Stuff!)
  20. Bear Has a Story to Tell by: Philip C. Stead (Great book for writing and pairing with science and learning about bears and hibernation.)

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