Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bringing my Crayons back to Life!

Crayon Rehab

Sooo.. I don't know about you, but this year my kiddos really "man handled" the crayons. As I was cleaning up my classroom, I couldn't help but think "what to do" with all the broken crayons, so I did some pinning and found some ideas.

I haven't done much off of Pinterest however, this worked out so well that I wanted to share!

I melted crayons into this adorable mold that I got from Hobby Lobby ($6.99 after 40%off coupon on app). I then, went home and tore off the labels of my broken crayons. (Lesson Learned: Next time ill draft some children fingers to help.. lol)

 I did enjoy the outcome! :) It's a great, EASY project that helps the environment, because I am not wasting crayons from last year!

* Place enough crayon pieces in each container. (Try to fill to the top, because they will get smaller as the wax melts.)
* Pre- heat oven to 275 degrees.
* Bake crayons for about 10-12 minutes (Or until melted)
* Place in a cool place to solidify (freezer, or refrigerator)

By the way.. this may be totally "mental" however it excited me to think that the heat from the oven would kill the germs! :) YAY!

Sharing it in hopes others find this useful while were all cleaning out getting ready for a fresh start!

Look out for a new post from a workshop I attended today, as well as my Chapter 1 discussion piece, coming SOON!! :)

Thank you all for reading! Have a wonderful Wednesday!