Monday, June 3, 2013

3rd Grade Arcade Day!

Let the Games Begin!

What an awesome day of game play!! After watching an inspiring video about a 3rd grade boy named Caine (video below) and 9 weeks of studying inventors, our 3rd grade kiddos became their own inventors of an arcade game. This was so much fun!  Over the past couple of weeks, the students brought in their empty boxes and other plastics and goods so we could use them to create games. The students then were able to cut holes in the boxes and add different pieces to make whatever game they chose!

Grade levels of students came by to play our games.  In order to enter with UNLIMITED play the students had to have their decorated Fun Pass!
What fun we had today!! 

Here are some of the examples of the kids' games!

Wack - A- Muppet
Basketball Shoot
Spaceship Toss
Skee Ball

1.5 Days left til Summer Vacation!

To learn more about Caine and what your 9 year old can do watch this inspiring video!