Thursday, June 13, 2013

Organize Me Linky!!

Let's Get Organized Together!!

So I am really excited about my 1st linky!! One thing that inspired me to do this was the MESS I couldn't contain in my classroom or my home! As I blogged some these past few weeks, I have seen some AWESOME craft ideas. I would love for us to share these so that everyone can get organized. If you made something and are selling it on TPT make sure to list that too!! I LOVE good ideas,.. and it's even better when I can see it worked!

The three things I have done thus far, is my teacher toolbox for school, my crayons, and my nail polish for home. 2 major things that need straightening! :) I placed my desk items in a 22 compartment toolbox (Home Depot). I then added my nail polish collection into a glass candy jar. (Target) In order to save crayons, and not toss out my old ones, I put the broken crayons in a tray and baked them for 12 minutes. (Hobby Lobby)

Link Up and join us!! :) We Will be running this linky all summer so if someone else finds new ideas as they go please link up so,we can have 1 spot to retrieve these brilliant ideas everyone has! 
(Feel free to link up several ideas)

Ya'll are AWESOME! Thank you for participating!


  1. Loving your toolbox!!! I'm a newbie, so I'm going to need a phone session on joining linky parties lol!!!


    1. Thanks Holly! We will definitely talk about linkys! :)