Sunday, October 5, 2014

Currently - October

OH MY ITS OCTOBER! We have made it through a month and a few weeks, WOW! Time is flying!

Well Enjoy!! Posted some items on the blog, some questions, and added a math talk homework goodie! 

Have a wonderful week! Check out my Currently with "Oh Boy it's Farley"

Rule #2 - Just Grade it - - Don't let it pile!

This seems to be one of the hardest things for me to do at the beginning of the year. Getting back in the "swing" of things and I can convince myself that I don't need to grade one day because I will grade it tomorrow. Well tomorrow never comes and a week later, I am forced into my room to grade for what feels like an ETERNITY. (And as much as I love my precious children, after deciphering the hieroglyphics we call handwriting, I am a little frustrated at myself.

So.. Rule #2 is - Just Grade it! (It's kind of like NIKE and how they say "Just do it" teachers have to do that too. ) Just get it done, one more thing off the list and then we can send it home.

Grade it as soon as they return it. This may be the simplest rule, and YET the hardest one to follow through, because on Friday afternoon as your sprinting out the door, no one thinks to take home papers or notebooks to grade. If you need a solution, pick one day a week after school, and shut the door and grade. Pick that one day when you have nothing else going on and assign yourself an hour of grading weekly. ( If it was me, I would pick a Monday because graded papers go home on Tuesday.)

Hope this help someone! We all do it, but it doesn't make it a good thing. :-p

HELP!!! - - Math Talks and Sentence Stems or Frames

Hey Teachers!!

So as we know, talking about math is the HUGE push right now and I am agreeing that it does help with student "digestion" of information. It gives them a stronger sense of understanding and it helps them to be the teacher to someone else. I do believe that when students understand what they are doing they can teach someone else.

I am here looking for  HELP from someone who has some awesome and engaging math sentence stems or frames that I can use for math. Maybe any examples for rounding, place value, or just in general everyday math. Thank you in advance! :)

Please note below the math journal or homework assignment I read about in a book. This is a great tool from the Building Mathematical Comprehension book by: Laney Simmons.

Click on the picture below for a replicated example to use in your room. I am eager to see how the relevance of math and the connection of everyday life will spark interest in students. 
(Text-Self and Text- World Connections)