Sunday, October 5, 2014

HELP!!! - - Math Talks and Sentence Stems or Frames

Hey Teachers!!

So as we know, talking about math is the HUGE push right now and I am agreeing that it does help with student "digestion" of information. It gives them a stronger sense of understanding and it helps them to be the teacher to someone else. I do believe that when students understand what they are doing they can teach someone else.

I am here looking for  HELP from someone who has some awesome and engaging math sentence stems or frames that I can use for math. Maybe any examples for rounding, place value, or just in general everyday math. Thank you in advance! :)

Please note below the math journal or homework assignment I read about in a book. This is a great tool from the Building Mathematical Comprehension book by: Laney Simmons.

Click on the picture below for a replicated example to use in your room. I am eager to see how the relevance of math and the connection of everyday life will spark interest in students. 
(Text-Self and Text- World Connections)

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