Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rule #1- Always Pay Attention- (Especially during Dismissal)

So I'd like to think I am a very attune and attentive teacher. I really listen to most of what my students have to say because I want them to know that I care. 

It was about the 2nd week of school, and  the first day for our (my partner teacher and I) Intern to be with us for a full day. After what I would call a "pretty darn good day", dismissal comes... so we are lining up the bus lines and sending the students down line by line, as the time changes from 3:30 to 3:40 to 3:50 and we begin to question bus 66. (It's usually one of the first buses to arrive.) 

Needless to say, they called it and we MISSED it. Which brings me back to this being the first rule, ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION. 

We quickly found ourselves stuck passing glances at each other, to our intern, and back at 2 of our precious kiddos (who at this point one is tossing his backpack around and the other is calm as calm as can be expected when he realizes he's been left) #nochildleftbehind 

After walking the halls and calling parents arrangements were made and all was well again.

But we couldn't help thinking... How did we miss this bus?? How did the students not hear their bus?(Rhetorical) How did we only have 2 kids from bus 66 left behind?? These questions go unanswered, however; we learned that there is a first time for everything, and unfortunately We fell victim to paying attention.

Rules are established by not only our mistakes but also our successes. -me


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