Monday, May 27, 2013

Tall Tales

I was pondering on what to do this week, and realized that I miss teaching tall tales! I am so excited to get to dive into some of these stories, this week! (For our last full week of school, YAY!) 

Thought I would share this new TPT item that I have!

Only 7 and a half days left! :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Personal Development through Books

Hey everyone!! Long week, behind us and one last full week ahead of some of us. :) I just wanted to share some books that I love! You can also locate these 2 books on my literature page.

This book is what I would like to call a "saving grace" to many kids and teachers. It is incredibly effective and it works as an "exchange system" so both teachers and students can function together in order for both to be successful. I have learned through teaching these past few years, that not every kids is going to do what you want them to UNLESS you have an approach that not only shows a STRONG relationship as well as a "give and take." In this book it talks about the different personalities and how to reach many of them. It also talks about choices and how to phrase things we say to kids. It never ceases to amaze me how children react totally different based on YOUR approach. (If you yell or speak softly, display empathy with consequences ,show compassion VS. aggression) This is a great book for all people. It is one of those books that can be a great refresher on simple behavior management techniques at school and at home, if you have kids.

This book here, is an awesome book. This is one that I will be reading and re- reading for years to come. It is one of the sweet reminders, that many people (including myself) need to read. It amazes me how when we go through our daily lives, there can be so much going on that we lose sight of the BIG picture. We allow the bad "seeds" in our day, to distract us from so many of the good "seeds" in our watermelon of a life. It's easy to give the small things power over our emotions and our decisions and these small things do not deserve this power. 

I love inspirational books because they can be so "grounding" when it comes to emotions and thoughts. I love the fact that I can relate to many of them and apply them in my everyday life!

“Choose being kind over being right and you'll be right every time.” 
 Richard Carlson

Thursday, May 23, 2013


...that one day schools will have the funding and the access to QR codes in not only the secondary schools, but also in the elementary schools.

I know students have cell phones, however when we start requiring them to use them in class, we run the risk of being given the internet bill with less restricted access. :-p So I dream of the day when schools can check them out to teachers or students and allow access to the QR app. (With restrictions along the school wifi system)


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reader's Notebooks!!

How many bloggers use reader's notebooks??
Student Book Boxes
I love them in my class and I am looking for some new ideas to spice them up a little.

Inside are 3 sections:

My Reading Life
- This section is about kids as readers and about their reading life. It also incorporates their favorites such as genres and books.

What I'm Learning
- I've used this part for smaller anchor charts. I leave this as a resource place for them once the charts come off the walls :). Students refer to this when they independent reading. 

Reading Work
 - We use this together as well as independent. What we do is on the right and they apply it on the left.

*I have recently begun incorporating reader's responses into reading.. im just BLOWN AWAY that I am just doing these. :-/

We started as a whole group modeling and then we will be trying it independently within the next week.

:) so excited!!

I'm linking up with Jivey!! Let me know some things you do with your notebooks in your classrooms!

End of the Year Gift Linky

Was talking about end of the year gifts with my co worker and I googled ideas on what to give my kids.

I remade an idea that I saw on pinterest and I added my name in it.
Each student will get some gumballs attached to this note as a cute and simple gift.

I can't wait to give them this sweet treat!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Techie Tuesday Linky

One more Tuesday down.. my kids are beyond hyper!!! Treading a fine line between "anxious for summer" and "down right crazy." Each day, I find myself with a new courageous child. :) (I have 2 on crutches, from various acts of courage while they play at home. lol!)


We're working to improve reading skills in a fun way without "pulling out too many teeth. " haha... We have chosen to do POETRY practice!! Learning some more about poems and writing our own! :) I love making them create, it's so much fun! (Especially when they think they know everything.) So after our benchmark tests, we've been looking into different forms of poems and they've enjoyed it! 

One cool FREE app that I found for word work is called "Magnet-o." It not only works with words but sentence building. It has students using fridge magnets to build sentences and common phrases. It's great for older kids! :)

I don't usually share notes from my kiddos, however I did want to share this one, for in the midst of the craziness this reminds me why I do what I do. (BECAUSE I LOVE TEACHING KIDS!!) When I went out to bus duty, I came back in to find this sweet note on my desk. It's funny, because the small things about us intrigue them, while the small things about them intrigue us. Crazy huh?.. Any who! I just wanted to share part of my smile today!


So I have an awesome co worker, who notices my new "font" obsession and he showed me a font creating app on my iPad!! I'm so proud to say that I have finally created my first font! YAY! Please feel free to stop by and down load it! It is free on my TPT page!

The app that I uploaded is called "iFontMaker" you can buy it on the Apple App Store!

Extra Randomness

Apps that makes me smile 

Leaf Snap is a great plant unit extension!! We talk about all the parts and what causes them to be green, so this is great to go around and look at what plants are what kind! So good! Just take a picture of the leaf on a white background! It's awesome! Kids love it!! TALK ABOUT HANDS ON w/ TECHNOLOGY!! SWEET!!

Learn Money app is great!! It practices money with kids and assesses them, it even will email you a report if you set it up to do so! To get the full app it will cost you $4.99 but it is soo good! I would recommend this for the beginning of 3rd if someone is struggling with money. I would think this would be awesome for 1st and 2nd grade all year long. This could even be apart of a money station. This could be on the " I can " sheet for what they could do later on, once they finish their task. (Like an incentive, because it's fun)

 I think sometimes I get just as excited as the kids! :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Guided Reading! and Regular Reading! lol

Okay, so I know that the year is ending and NO ONE wants to think about next year's guided reading groups; because while they are a treat, they are a lot of work to do them RIGHT. One thing I want to do here is share what I have been doing and see if I can get some tips from some others on how I can "tweak" some things for next year. 

I truly LOVE to guided read, although it is work. In the end when I see them growing as readers it makes all the work worth it.

Fountas and Pinnell are my guided reading guru's!! In my mind they pioneered guided reading! haha.. :) Two books that I LOVE and use always are Guided Reading: Good First Teaching for All and Guiding Readers and Writers. I will admit that these are the BEST for the lower grades (K-2), however even in 3rd I have learned not everyone comes to you reading where they should. So in the older grades 3-6, we go "back to the basics" and these books help get us there.


I currently keep everything that I need for guided reading in a binder. I have it tabbed for convenience on finding kiddos and a section for my lesson plans. I found a lesson plan format online a couple of years ago, and I fell in love with it. I love that it helps me stay focused, although sometimes we have to repeat a skill if were not grasping it. :-/

For the lesson plan format, email me at 
(I have tried to post it, and it's not letting me.) :(

Download Comprehension Prompting Cards
Download Fluency Prompting Cards
Download Vocabulary Prompting Cards

Question: How many books do you typically go through in one week of reading? Do you use the leveled readers, or a textbook?

Question: How do you use chapter books in guided reading? In older grades, I know many kids don't do the same level of guided reading as the younger kids. I really want to use chapter books and use them WELL! :) Would love some hints from the super stars out there!

Question: My personal belief is that we should use REAL books in classrooms to teach and reinforce skills. I think the text books are a great supplement. This year I moved the text book to the station area and used it for that purpose. I used REAL books for my lessons in reading and language arts/writing. How is your weekly reading program put together? Do you teach out of a text book? Do you use mentor texts and everyday library stories?

Growing Readers is an AWESOME tool for teaching reading and breaking things down for kids. I love how the small excerpts give kids a chance to focus on that one skill. I use this book in class, but I also use this in small grouping when I group based on "skill need".

I love the "Just Right Book" lesson. Do other schools use this? I love it because I don't always trust some reading tests. I know that when a student can read a book with only 1 or 2 fingers, I know they are being challenged and the book is "just right." I also LOVE that they can take this skill anywhere and use it. 
(Barnes and noble, library, etc.)

I'm excited to learn some new things about reading!! Once the school year ends, our relaxation and preparation season begins! :)

Here we go again!!

ONLY 2 more Mondays!!
12 more school days = 12 balloons left!

Wanted to share that I tried a fellow bloggers plant activity
and my kids enjoyed it!! :) Great for introduction and review! We filled it in using the information we learned. They will use this as a review sheet for their last science benchmark test.

Linda Kamp - AroundtheKampfire


Thursday, May 16, 2013

All About Me --Teacher Edition

Today was a good day. I am exhausted in the best kind of way! I love creating things as they come to mind. This is just something I made for fun. I like that it is geard more toward teachers. :)

I hope you enjoy it!! Feedback is greatly appreciated! 

As always thanks!

End of the Year Reflection

Just wanted to share! I added a new reflection poster to my TPT account. I made it for the kiddos to reflect and they enjoyed it. Check it out when you get a chance!!

Thanks!! Have a great day!! :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dia de las Madres

Happy Mother's Weekend!

Here are some Mother's Day Freebies!

TCBY Yogurt
Any mom who enters one of TCBY's locations on Mother's Day will receive up to a 6 oz. cup of frozen yogurt free of charge. The yogurt is either self-serve or in a small cup or cone.


Guests who show this coupon at participating Quiznos locations, can get a free small sub with purchase of any sub of equal or greater value and a regular fountain drink. The special ends May 13, 2013.


If you didn't already know, the furniture store IKEA also serves some tasty food. On Mother's Day, IKEA is offering a free breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and potatoes and a cup of coffee on May 12 from opening until 11 a.m. for moms.

Funny Mother's Day Video from Kid President!
 I LOVE THIS KID.. my students adore him.. and I hope you like it just as much as me. :)

Enjoy your Mother's Weekend!!

May's Glam Cam

Here are my clothing choices for May! Linking up with Keeping it Kool in Kinderland to Share Watcha Wear! Join in the fun and post what your wearing too! :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Little Personal Joy!!

I just wanted to share with all my blogger friends out there a little joy that I got today! I know this is an educational blog, however I feel it can be nice to share some personal "happenings".

Today my brother came home from college!! He finished his Junior year! I am so proud of him and his accomplishments! He's almost done and we all can't wait. yay!!

Another great thing is that I have recently started growing a tomato plant on my patio! I am so excited to see them beginning to bloom!! :) YAY for spring!!

It's the small things that make me smile and realize how blessed I am! 
Spending a relaxing evening at home with my family! I am truly thankful for quality time, with the ones I hold close to my heart!

Good Night Blogger! <3

Pump UP the Volume

New Volume FREEBIE!! Visit my TPT page to grab this freebie for volume with solid shapes. Look out for another volume activity coming soon!
As always thank you sooooo much for your support!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Multiplication Hopscotch

Multiplication Hopscotch

WHAT AN AMAZING IDEA!!! I had to share!! Sooo.. I've been thinking of a way to continue teaching while wearing out my kiddos. I really enjoyed this, because their legs, mouth, and brains are all functioning at once!! It's great.

*Sidewalk Chalk
*Numbers (if not using sidewalk chalk)
*Timer (optional)

So the rules of the game is to first, find or make a hopscotch board. If you don't have one already, you can use sidewalk chalk outside.

Then the students start at 2 and multiply by the number they land on as they land. (For example: if they start as 2 they multiply 2X2=4 , then 2x3=6 , then 2x4=8 until they get to 10 at the end of the course. The kid who goes next will start as 3 and then 4 and so on.)

The goal is not only to get to the end, but to do it accurately. This will definitely show the kiddos that know their facts. For the kids who know their facts, you can mix up the numbers on the ground or you could have them start at the end and work their way to the beginning. Timer is optional, because you can also make it more of a challenge to time your kids.

So awesome!! Watch my kids go!! :)

#2 In line
She multiplied every number she landed on by 2

#9 In line
She multiplied every number she landed on by 9

I will say, that playing this game really showed who knew them and who had to stop and use their fingers. It also shows who has been studying regularly

Throwback Thursday

We made it to THURSDAY! Thank you God for your grace!

So... I was thinking that since today was Thursday I would take a minute to think back to last year. Think about something that you have previously done, because I'm sure we all did some great things that we could share. So please share some favorites of your own! 
I WANT to hear them! :)

Abbreviation Craftivity
After learning about abbreviations and singing the "abbreviation song"  haha.. we made a craft. The only rule was that you have to use your abbreviation in the picture. It can't just be "in it", but it has to be a part of it. The kids took it and "ran" with it! <3 I would do this again. It was a win- win, kids got to draw and I got to find an activity that let them use abbreviations.

Texas Gifted and Talented PSP Project
Building a business!! OH what fun this was! LOVED this!! The kids did research on popular toy companies. Learned how they began, and who the inventors were. They then became inventors and created their own toy company! What an awesome thing! Some of the kids came up with some good project ideas. If only we could build it?!?! 

Puzzle Games
 I love the idea of using puzzles to strengthen skills!! I made several different puzzles and some in language and some in math. My kiddos enjoy them because its a different format! All I did was go to dollar tree and trace the puzzle pieces, write part on the puzzle and the other part on the board. Works great!
I make these for people. I do ask that you give me a few days. But I do make them on TPT! These are fun for kids.

"Create something that will make the world AWESOME!" 
- Kid President

I LOVE what i do!! Have a BLESSED Thursday!