Friday, May 3, 2013

How about that Fraction Action!! :)

We have been making some FRACTION ACTION  this week in B115!! Reviewing what was learned earlier this year, and adding on some more information. This week, we learned how to compare fractions using pictures, number lines and cross multiplication.

Human Number Line

I have seen this done many different ways, and today we constructed it using fraction cards, that had both pictures and numbers. The students were given fraction cards, and without talking the students and the other classmates have to help them arrange them in the correct order.

This is so much fun for the students and me, and one great thing is they are facilitating! I love when kids reach out and do the thinking and I get to watch! :)

Fraction Sort

Another great activity that we did today was we sorted fractions using the 1/2 as a benchmark. Throughout the week I have noticed that when comparing, the students are unable to see which fractions are greater without having a picture. One thing I wanted to do in order to increase their reasoning skills is to be able to identify the 1/2 in a fraction. (For example: 4/8 , 3/6 , and 2/4 are all equivalent to 1/2)
Students Sort their fraction cards

Sooo... what we did was I passed out a fraction to each kid. We all wadded it up like a paper ball, and they had a "silent snowball" toss.(They tossed it to the other side of the room, simulating a snowball fight, without noise) -- knowing my kiddos, we had a few snickers :-p!  The point of this was to mix up the fractions, the students then either caught a fraction or grabbed one off the floor and we all sorted them into 3 categories, less than 1/2, greater than 1/2 or equal to 1/2.

This was a FUN and quick activity and it helped them to see that if you can find half, you can use your reasoning skills to find a reasonable answer!!

Cross multiplication

I am CERTAIN that teachers have many different ways of teaching cross multiplication, however I am eager to share this one method. I LOVE the butterfly method. I showed it to my kids and the concept stuck! Although they are still cross multiplying like normal, they have an easy way to remember it.


Once you circle the numbers in order to multiply, it makes a shape that, to me, resembles a butterfly if you add antenna! :) I attached my anchor chart so you can see what I mean.

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