Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fruit Infused Water

Good Morning!! Hope everyone is relaxing Saturday.
I know I usually share school stuff, however I want to share a drink idea today.

I am really big into health and lately I have been looking into alternatives to fruit juices. (Because I LOVE them!.. and they're soooo bad!) So I heard of this idea to fruit infuse water, and I tried It.  It really was delicious!!

* 1 grapefruit
* 1 lemon
* 3 mint leaves

Slice fruit
Squeeze juice into jar
Add mint
Fill remainder of jar with water(after all fruit juice has been squeezed)
Let chill overnight and serve

Quick thought regarding the fruit water, is that they're great for kids!! If the juice is homemade, we know what's in it! Over the years, Ive had a few parents ask me what I could suggest for their "hyper" kids, in hopes not to put them on medication.  This maybe a suggestion... no processed sugars, its all natural, and tastes great!

Thank you for reading!! Have a happy Saturday!!

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