Thursday, May 9, 2013

Multiplication Hopscotch

Multiplication Hopscotch

WHAT AN AMAZING IDEA!!! I had to share!! Sooo.. I've been thinking of a way to continue teaching while wearing out my kiddos. I really enjoyed this, because their legs, mouth, and brains are all functioning at once!! It's great.

*Sidewalk Chalk
*Numbers (if not using sidewalk chalk)
*Timer (optional)

So the rules of the game is to first, find or make a hopscotch board. If you don't have one already, you can use sidewalk chalk outside.

Then the students start at 2 and multiply by the number they land on as they land. (For example: if they start as 2 they multiply 2X2=4 , then 2x3=6 , then 2x4=8 until they get to 10 at the end of the course. The kid who goes next will start as 3 and then 4 and so on.)

The goal is not only to get to the end, but to do it accurately. This will definitely show the kiddos that know their facts. For the kids who know their facts, you can mix up the numbers on the ground or you could have them start at the end and work their way to the beginning. Timer is optional, because you can also make it more of a challenge to time your kids.

So awesome!! Watch my kids go!! :)

#2 In line
She multiplied every number she landed on by 2

#9 In line
She multiplied every number she landed on by 9

I will say, that playing this game really showed who knew them and who had to stop and use their fingers. It also shows who has been studying regularly

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