Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Techie Tuesday Linky

One more Tuesday down.. my kids are beyond hyper!!! Treading a fine line between "anxious for summer" and "down right crazy." Each day, I find myself with a new courageous child. :) (I have 2 on crutches, from various acts of courage while they play at home. lol!)


We're working to improve reading skills in a fun way without "pulling out too many teeth. " haha... We have chosen to do POETRY practice!! Learning some more about poems and writing our own! :) I love making them create, it's so much fun! (Especially when they think they know everything.) So after our benchmark tests, we've been looking into different forms of poems and they've enjoyed it! 

One cool FREE app that I found for word work is called "Magnet-o." It not only works with words but sentence building. It has students using fridge magnets to build sentences and common phrases. It's great for older kids! :)

I don't usually share notes from my kiddos, however I did want to share this one, for in the midst of the craziness this reminds me why I do what I do. (BECAUSE I LOVE TEACHING KIDS!!) When I went out to bus duty, I came back in to find this sweet note on my desk. It's funny, because the small things about us intrigue them, while the small things about them intrigue us. Crazy huh?.. Any who! I just wanted to share part of my smile today!


So I have an awesome co worker, who notices my new "font" obsession and he showed me a font creating app on my iPad!! I'm so proud to say that I have finally created my first font! YAY! Please feel free to stop by and down load it! It is free on my TPT page!

The app that I uploaded is called "iFontMaker" you can buy it on the Apple App Store!

Extra Randomness

Apps that makes me smile 

Leaf Snap is a great plant unit extension!! We talk about all the parts and what causes them to be green, so this is great to go around and look at what plants are what kind! So good! Just take a picture of the leaf on a white background! It's awesome! Kids love it!! TALK ABOUT HANDS ON w/ TECHNOLOGY!! SWEET!!

Learn Money app is great!! It practices money with kids and assesses them, it even will email you a report if you set it up to do so! To get the full app it will cost you $4.99 but it is soo good! I would recommend this for the beginning of 3rd if someone is struggling with money. I would think this would be awesome for 1st and 2nd grade all year long. This could even be apart of a money station. This could be on the " I can " sheet for what they could do later on, once they finish their task. (Like an incentive, because it's fun)

 I think sometimes I get just as excited as the kids! :)

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