Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pinterest OVERLOAD... Last day of Summer... Holy Moly!!

My Alarm is Set

So today is my last day before I go back to my "pre- inservice week" before the students return! I am anxious for them to come, however the more things I find and create, keep me in a constant state of "I'm not done yet!" LOL!! I'm sure a teacher is never "ready" because we are always thinking of what could be better.

This year I will be at a new campus and I am so eager to meet my new 2nd grade babies!! :) I'm so blessed. I have been spending time with my team this summer, and a lot of time this past week. Can't express in words how important it is to have a team that you enjoy! From day 1 of meeting up, our conversations flow as though we have all known each other for a long time! Can't wait to begin my year!

Below are 4 Pinterest ideas that I have found, that I LOVE for my classroom! I had to share my faves!

1. Saw this on Pinterest.. and I just love this idea!! Sometimes we get those "days" when even the good kids have a hard time. I love that this removes them long enough, and also gives them praise in hopes that they move on from what was bothering them before!  I will definitely use this!  I think this is super  cute and it's more effective than just giving the kid something to do in the room. It COMPLETELY removes them for a minute.

The Envelope

This program is easy. All you need is an envelope and a friend.

To help give students a time-out from classroom situations to try to divert kids from misbehavior – you send them on a mission with The Envelope.

I typed up a letter in a script font so even our sneakiest of darlings can't read it.

Elementary Teacher Resources

The letter says:

"Dear Awesome Teacher,
This student needed a break from the action.
Can you please write me a short note on the provided index card (about whatever…!), tell them that they are a great helper, and send them back to class?
Sometime when you go to the office please put this letter and envelope back in my box.
Thank you for being amazing!

This way the student gets a “break” from whatever is setting them off, and with that distraction, they can come back ready to learn!"

2. 180 Devotions for Teachers

Found at Barnes and Nobles or any bookstore
3.  I teach elementary so this to me is PERFECT!!
Made by TotallyTerrific in Texas

I love that this is a visual for kids when working! I love to do group activities and have kids partner up, this is perfect for my room in managing how each child should sound. I think this is also going to be a POSITIVE tool during stations, and science labs! :) Click the picture for the link to the printable! 

4. Brain Breaks!!
We all have our own ways of giving our kids breaks and letting their minds rest, however I found this link on pinterest of some breaks for kids to do that are quick and simple. I will be making these during this upcoming week, because I will need extra breaks during the beginning of school. During the beginning it will be hard for some kids to adjust to being in a classroom setting, and while I do group work, their minds will need short breaks in between! Click the picture to see the free printable that goes with the brain breaks.

Made by Being Inspired

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Linky with The Polished Teacher!

Student teaching!! The days of learning and being able to make all kinds of mistakes and plead ignorance. Lol! :) The days of shadowing  your mentor until he/ she passes the responsibility!

I honestly had a wonderful experience student teaching! (I wish I could have student taught forever) One reason I believe it was so good, was I had a master teacher as my leader! She not only knew that it is okay to laugh with your kids, but she encouraged laughter in her room. I aim to emulate her teaching style! She truly helped me EVERY step of the way, and even if she didn't know something she showed the importance of TEAM! You can't do it alone. (HINT... HINT) Even as bloggers we rely on each other for feedback and guidance. So just know that teaching is not something you get to "close your door" and do. You should use the people around you! 

Short and Sweet!!

Just wanted to drop in and say, how awesome it feels to be "breaking ground" and actually getting somewhere in my classroom!!!

Wanted to attach the "How We Get Home" hanging idea that I had on Instagram earlier today! Thanks to "From the Pond" these awesome spots worked perfectly. Grab them free on my freebie page. Just look for this photo! 
 In order to share how I made it. I laminated the circles, cut them out, and then hot glued them to some ribbon. I then stapled the ribbon to the wall!  I will be writing student names on the clothes pins so I have a quick visual of how we get home! :) Gotta make sure my babies make it!

I have also attached the name tags that I used for my desks! You will find these under FREEBIES as well!
(Laminate and Cut!) - Doesn't get much better than that! :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made It!!

SO last week I put on my crafty hat and realized,.. SCHOOL IS ALMOST BACK!! (Can't contain my excitement!) 

This week, I created 3 things.
1. A behavior chart
2. Magnets with scrapbook paper
3. Library book labels

Behavior Chart

This was super important, because this is used for student's to put their  colored popsicle sticks in. (We use the color system.) I created this, by  1. pasting the "self adhesive" pockets on a sheet of white poster board, side by side. I also 
2. stuck name tags on the front of the pockets, 
3. laminated the poster, and 
4. cut out the slit for my pockets. It worked out so well because I am able to write names, or numbers, or both and erase sharpie with Expo spray! Another modification that I saw, was using the calendar numbers. This makes it where you don't have to write anything, and just use the number system.

Magnets on Crystal Rocks

These were as simple as can be!! If I knew they were this simple, I would have done this a while back! :)
 3 simple steps:
1. Cut pieces of scrapbook paper
2. Mod Podge piece of paper on the back of the crystal rock.
3. Let dry, and then apply magnet tape on the back. (I have used a dot of hot glue on some to help it stick, in case you want a strong hold)

Library Labels

I created my own labels to reflect my library assortment. I have large buckets, so I needed large labels! I am excited to tape these onto my buckets that way students are able to read each book bundle, clearly. To print these labels, click the picture below! The document should be editable, therefore you can make them smaller or bigger if you would like! :) Enjoy!

Another goodie!!
Picture Frames!!

Last weekend I went to IKEA and bought these frames!! They were $2 dollars each for plain frames! Perfect for decorating! :) Find some! They make great holders for pictures and quotes. I love quotes because they are a small and yet subtle message of inspiration for my kids and myself!

Great buy!!! Find your nearest IKEA!! You'll be glad you did!

It is so close I can FEEL it!!

August is here, teachers are back in their rooms and I can't believe that school is about to begin again! I can't imagine exactly how it is coming so fast! Spent a lot of time in my room this past week and I am anxious for it to be finished. I should have pictures up this Friday! I can't wait to show you the final product. It's nice when you finally see progress in all the work that's been done.

This was me last week... Stay tuned for the final product and room tour!!

In preparing for school to start, I have been locating my forms that I use. Click the picture below for a short "Getting to know You" page for parents. I love asking parents for a little insight on their babies. Can't Wait to pass these out at Meet the Teacher!! :)