Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made It!!

SO last week I put on my crafty hat and realized,.. SCHOOL IS ALMOST BACK!! (Can't contain my excitement!) 

This week, I created 3 things.
1. A behavior chart
2. Magnets with scrapbook paper
3. Library book labels

Behavior Chart

This was super important, because this is used for student's to put their  colored popsicle sticks in. (We use the color system.) I created this, by  1. pasting the "self adhesive" pockets on a sheet of white poster board, side by side. I also 
2. stuck name tags on the front of the pockets, 
3. laminated the poster, and 
4. cut out the slit for my pockets. It worked out so well because I am able to write names, or numbers, or both and erase sharpie with Expo spray! Another modification that I saw, was using the calendar numbers. This makes it where you don't have to write anything, and just use the number system.

Magnets on Crystal Rocks

These were as simple as can be!! If I knew they were this simple, I would have done this a while back! :)
 3 simple steps:
1. Cut pieces of scrapbook paper
2. Mod Podge piece of paper on the back of the crystal rock.
3. Let dry, and then apply magnet tape on the back. (I have used a dot of hot glue on some to help it stick, in case you want a strong hold)

Library Labels

I created my own labels to reflect my library assortment. I have large buckets, so I needed large labels! I am excited to tape these onto my buckets that way students are able to read each book bundle, clearly. To print these labels, click the picture below! The document should be editable, therefore you can make them smaller or bigger if you would like! :) Enjoy!

Another goodie!!
Picture Frames!!

Last weekend I went to IKEA and bought these frames!! They were $2 dollars each for plain frames! Perfect for decorating! :) Find some! They make great holders for pictures and quotes. I love quotes because they are a small and yet subtle message of inspiration for my kids and myself!

Great buy!!! Find your nearest IKEA!! You'll be glad you did!

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