Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pinterest OVERLOAD... Last day of Summer... Holy Moly!!

My Alarm is Set

So today is my last day before I go back to my "pre- inservice week" before the students return! I am anxious for them to come, however the more things I find and create, keep me in a constant state of "I'm not done yet!" LOL!! I'm sure a teacher is never "ready" because we are always thinking of what could be better.

This year I will be at a new campus and I am so eager to meet my new 2nd grade babies!! :) I'm so blessed. I have been spending time with my team this summer, and a lot of time this past week. Can't express in words how important it is to have a team that you enjoy! From day 1 of meeting up, our conversations flow as though we have all known each other for a long time! Can't wait to begin my year!

Below are 4 Pinterest ideas that I have found, that I LOVE for my classroom! I had to share my faves!

1. Saw this on Pinterest.. and I just love this idea!! Sometimes we get those "days" when even the good kids have a hard time. I love that this removes them long enough, and also gives them praise in hopes that they move on from what was bothering them before!  I will definitely use this!  I think this is super  cute and it's more effective than just giving the kid something to do in the room. It COMPLETELY removes them for a minute.

The Envelope

This program is easy. All you need is an envelope and a friend.

To help give students a time-out from classroom situations to try to divert kids from misbehavior – you send them on a mission with The Envelope.

I typed up a letter in a script font so even our sneakiest of darlings can't read it.

Elementary Teacher Resources

The letter says:

"Dear Awesome Teacher,
This student needed a break from the action.
Can you please write me a short note on the provided index card (about whatever…!), tell them that they are a great helper, and send them back to class?
Sometime when you go to the office please put this letter and envelope back in my box.
Thank you for being amazing!

This way the student gets a “break” from whatever is setting them off, and with that distraction, they can come back ready to learn!"

2. 180 Devotions for Teachers

Found at Barnes and Nobles or any bookstore
3.  I teach elementary so this to me is PERFECT!!
Made by TotallyTerrific in Texas

I love that this is a visual for kids when working! I love to do group activities and have kids partner up, this is perfect for my room in managing how each child should sound. I think this is also going to be a POSITIVE tool during stations, and science labs! :) Click the picture for the link to the printable! 

4. Brain Breaks!!
We all have our own ways of giving our kids breaks and letting their minds rest, however I found this link on pinterest of some breaks for kids to do that are quick and simple. I will be making these during this upcoming week, because I will need extra breaks during the beginning of school. During the beginning it will be hard for some kids to adjust to being in a classroom setting, and while I do group work, their minds will need short breaks in between! Click the picture to see the free printable that goes with the brain breaks.

Made by Being Inspired

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