Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What a Year!!!

Fun with Mr. G!
Wow! I can't believe this school year has come to a close!! So many good memories that have been made this year, my first intern, our first EVER field trip in the history of San Leon, working with an AMAZING partner of mine Teaching With Mr. G, and building relationships with a new bunch... lol it feels like just yesterday my kiddos were walking in, crying and sad because summer was over.... and today they left crying because the year was over. It's crazy how you can impact someone in such a short time. (And vise versa) <3

Only 1/2 a day left of school tomorrow!! By 1 pm tomorrow the busses will pull off and poppers will pop!! I'm excited for summer but I will miss my babies sooo much!! :( Building relationships with kids and then leaving them is difficult EVERY TIME.

{Deep breath} :)

Okay... soo..  on a lighter note, school is almost out... (1/2 a day remaining) YAY!.. and I WON the book raffle with Thinking of Teaching. I am sooo thankful!! What an awesome event this will be! If you haven't linked up yet, please do. Grab your copy of Building Mathematical Comprehension and get ready! I'm always excited to find something new to do in my lessons and I do believe this book is only going to make my teaching deeper and more meaningful for my kiddos!

Click Here for the Book Study Schedule!

Good luck to all my fellow teachers having End of the Year parties tomorrow!! We made it!!

- Kelli 

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