Saturday, July 27, 2013

10 Things I've Learned From Teaching

WOW! This is a linky I 1st found on Facebook, and I had to link up and share my experiences. This is one thing, that no matter where you are on your teaching journey, we all have learned something along the way.

1. It is MORE work to create sub plans, that it is to just go to school! There have been times when I haven't been able to avoid being out, and I wish I could have just stayed at school. Lol!!

2. A "teacher planning" period, is not always used as such. It can be full of conferences and other miscellaneous disruptions. Don't save all your work for these periods, you never know what will happen. :-/

3. Teach your kids that Germ- X does NOt replace washing your hands... it's a sad truth that many kids think you don't need soap and water as long as you have Germ- X. (Every season is FLU season when you work with kids)

4. We're not just teachers, we are friends, parents, disciplinarians, peer mediators, nurses, custodians, technology guru's and we even "come to Jesus" from time to time. (And they call you "mom", what an an honor) <3

5. If there ever comes a time when you don't finish everything, know that it will be there tomorrow. Staying late, is worth your time, but do not forget to relax, recharge and SLEEP! (Hardest part for me)

6. When you work with young children, you cherish the moments when you get to speak to adults. Enjoy your lunch period!! :)

7. Happy hour with a glass of WINE, is great for clearing your head! It's good to "let loose" every now and again and unWINE! Lol! - corny joke!

8. No matter what grade you teach, GET YOUR KIDS MOVING! I've been to too many workshops, that teach us to get kids moving, however; they make us (teachers) sit for hours! We don't like it, and they don't either. TRUST ME!

9. Bathroom Break?!?!? What's that?? (That moment when you tell the teacher across the hall to watch your kids for a second, only to SPRINT to the restroom?) - I don't call that a break. LOL!

10. Always BUILD UP your kids!! All kids are smart, and all kids can learn, and the process is easier when both teacher and student believe in them. Think about it: we work better with praise, our kids would too. ("Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming." -- Goethe)

I have learned a lot of things in only 3 years of teaching, but I have learned that you have to LOVE what you do!! Teaching is so rewarding, and while that is the most used "cliche", it holds true! No matter how many times, we repeat ourselves, tie the same pair of shoe laces, or reschedule parent conferences, we LOVE our jobs. We love what we do, because we love our kids (Even the stinkers!) and we help make each other better. :)

Thanks for reading!

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