Monday, February 10, 2014

Contraction Surgery and a FREEBIE!

I can't believe that we are officially past the 100th day of school! What a great moment!! There are days when we feel like the days aren't passing and unfortunately I feel like they may be passing too quickly noW! :)

Any whoo!! I wanted to share this activity. I have been "racking my brain" about ways to make word work and language fit into my schedule. A coach of mine suggested Contraction Surgery activity and I am pleased to say it was fun! BEWARE that the kids loved it so much that they were loud, however I think they understand contractions a little better. 

Can't wait to finish out the week!

Now on to the freebie!! 

Context clues!! This is something our kids need and can always use. I am can't wait to have feedback on what your kids think. This was a good thing to do in groups and then discuss whole group. In my class it kind of became a game because they were so anxious to guess what they were! :)

Click on the pic to grab the freebie! 

Night teacher world!! This teacher needs some sleep!
 One hundred and 1 days down.. and many more to go. 


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