Monday, February 11, 2013

A Great Day in B115!!

One Monster with adjectives 
Today we did a creative/descriptive writing activity that went very well! It's amazing what kids can do with a little assistance and a creative mind. I can't wait to do another activity with these kiddos.

Writing away!!
I am always looking for new ways to incorporate writing in the early grades, in case others have ideas. I would love to hear them!

Antonym Puzzle Game
Another great thing that was introduced to my kids recently are puzzle games. These are super fun! All I did was go out and purchase a puzzle, trace it on board and add any concept that fit my kids. It was a great thing to see them enjoying the same language or math skills in a puzzle form. This puzzle idea is a positive one for it can be partnered or individually played. The example I have posted is of an antonyms board. This board has one word on the piece and one word in the spot where the piece should go. Students can easily match the words and the picture will begin to show. It is a great thinking game!! I also do this puzzle activity with math concepts.

The end of another great day! I'm truly blessed! Thanks for reading! :) As always, please feel free to email me any ideas or lesson requests and I will do my best! Good night!

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