Monday, May 12, 2014

Destination June 5th.. ETA 18 days!!

Once February/ May hits, it amazes me how sometimes I can allow my energy level to decrease dramatically. Not that I love teaching any less, it's just the weight of the work and the pesky student behaviors drain my mental ability and my patience. The daily frustrations and exhaustion, can sometimes hide my excitement of going to work each day.

As end-of-the-year nears and as your students "test the waters", continue to think about the best that they have and the best that they can be. I have learned that when I acknowledge the best in my kids they continue to be their best. And as the year ends I find myself noticing more often their bad habits. (Because I've grown aware of them) I challenge you to locate something positive in each child during these last couple days with them. Tell them when they are doing something right and make sure they see how proud you are of them. It's easy to over look the positive traits and only point out what needs work, however; would we feel excited to come to school if someone was pointing out our flaws? If our principals only told us when something went wrong, how would we feel? Let's be teachers who focus on what is going well and FILL our student's buckets. We are one of our student's biggest "cheerleaders", and if we don't encourage them, they may not see just how awesome they truly are.

We only have 18 more days left of school, and I truly believe that you can do anything with enthusiasm. Find a reason to smile every day, make yourself laugh (even if it means you're laughing at yourself.) Find any reason to be enthusiastic about what you're doing every day and it will make your ending much sweeter.
Think of this school year as a LONG EXCITING car ride, and we're almost home. Think about the way you feel when you have traveled a long distance in a car with your family, even the ones you love most, and think of the feelings you feel when you are almost at your final destination.

18 miles to go… we're almost home, but enjoy the ride because once it's over, it's over!

Have a great 18 days!! :)

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