Love's Literature Circle

Love's Literature Circle
I love to read all types of teaching books as well as inspirational books! This is a place for us to share books that were great as well as discuss books that we are reading. I chose the title of a literature circle, for I love how connected circles are and I would love for us to be just as connected from a distance. :)

 This is "The Energy Bus" by: Jon Gordon. This book is truly a life changer! The way this book uses a person in the main character's life is truly inspiring. We all have a "Joy" is each of our social circles. (Maybe you are the "Joy" to someone else?)
 Great Read if you are interested in books that uplift your outlook on lives situations.

Set Apart is a book that my church has used in a Women's Study group. It amazes me that through doing a women's study group I can learn so much about myself and help me grow. I am currently reading this book. So I will make a summary at the end. I am in the beginning chapters of this book, however I can already say that this would be one I would recommend to everyone.

Teaching with Love and Logic is a great book for developing relations, and effective behavior techniques in your classroom and even at home with kids. I have used this is my classroom, and I have learned through using these methods that kids will do just about ANYTHING you ask of them, if you ask them correctly. In our world of teaching, it is a "give and take" and this book discusses that well. It talks about the "ATM system" as well as consequences with empathy.

Another book for June is the book called "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff." I love how it speaks to me about the small things that we all to often allow to have control over our mood. Think of it like a water melon. One small thing is a seed, however you can have many good seeds, and we sometimes let that one bad seed take our focus off of all the good seeds in our watermelon. As a teacher I have to constantly develop myself, especially if I expect to develop our youth. They not only need my academic knowledge, but we teach life lessons. How many kids do you know that often let that bad seed affect their view on all the good? By reading this and developing myself, I can share what i know.
 Any Suggestions?? :)

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